Freelance Marketing

Business Development, Marketing, Social Media & Copywriting

Social Media

Use social media to increase sales, build your customer relations, or for research and development.  I can help you…

Lead Generation

Grow your sales from new and existing customers.  It’s about building rappour and knowing your customers.



We support your marketing activity; direct mailing, exhibitions, brochures and press releases.

Digital, Copy & Web

Copywriting; manage your social media and website content, get you started, or off load it to us.

My Story

I’ve been helping business owners achieve their goals, grow their business and increase sales for over 20 years.  I’ve worked with top ERP and Customer management systems, developed strategies to grow new business, increase sales from existing customers and manage customer databases. Since moving to Cornwall, I’ve helped small business owners get started with social media, email marketing and websites, create content that works, increase sales and mentor them in marketing.  Read more…

“I had the pleasure of working with Tracey for a few years and during this time she was both fun to work with and also extremely focussed on the marketing tasks undertaken. She has an eye for detail and is very professional – all important when working in marketing.”

“Tracey is an enthusiastic sales & marketing manager with an in-depth knowledge of the NHS. Her success is in part because she is able to gain the confidence of prospective customers and by enthusing them about the products.”

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